West Africa

Burkina Faso

African Great Lakes Peace Trust is the newly independent British charity which spun off from the (American Quaker) African Great Lakes Initiative (AGLI), whose personnel still advise us, and some of our applicants reach us through them. We raise and distribute small sums of money to peace building projects in East Africa. We have helped fund workshops in Goma (DRC) to start refugees towards coping with their trauma and managing their resentments of the perpetrators. We have done the same for workshops in Rwanda enabling people with disabilities to build self esteem so that they can handle the discrimination they routinely face.Women's workshop in Ouagadougou

Website: www.africangreatlakespeacetrust.org.uk



Yen Daakye (“our future”) is a microcredit programme started in 2009 under the auspices of Ashanti Development (AD), a small UK-based charity working in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Local staff are now working in twelve villages, with 200 women running new businesses. In 2010 funding from AD enabled the same volunteers to work with another NGO to start a programme in Kwahu-Tafo, Eastern Ghana, and more recently in Dampong.Yen Daakye

You can see interviews with some of the beneficiaries on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCfqnTCJwUM

Microcredit programmes – e-mail: jenniferdk@tiscali.co.uk


Sierra Leone (and expanding)

The Dorothy Foundation aims to relieve poverty and look at ways of preventing violence in communities across West Africa. Our first area of work is the Rokel area which is east of Freetown, Sierra Leone. We have interested people in Ghana and Liberia who are also asking for us to work with them but lack of funding has prevented this so far. We aim to look at whole communities and work with local people to raise their living standards and give hope by involving them in decision making. In the Rokel area we are currently building a clinic and digging wells and developing a peace and education centre.


The Dorothy Foundation
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