2015 Gathering Report

Please click on the link below to see the PDF report of the January Meeting (opens in new tab):

QUAIG10 Jan 2015 report


January 10 2015
Priory Rooms, Birmingham
Start: 10 for 10 .30
Finish: 4 pm

Lunch (sandwiches, fruit) and tea/coffee will be arranged and will cost £6 each.

If you are interested in coming, please email Ann Floyd before Christmas, if possible. If you are involved in some Quaker work in Africa, and would like to give a brief verbal update and/or bring some information to display, please inform her.


10.00 Arrivals and coffee

10.30 Welcome from Ann Floyd, worship

10.45 Brief introductions (max 1 min each!) from all those there – name, LM and AM, connections with Quaker work in Africa

(note – information can be put on a table for those interested, which can be looked at during the lunch period)

11.15 National and global updates

  1. Update on QPSW work in Africa:

Susan Tomes Smith (member QPSW central committee)

  1. Update on FWCC in Africa

Harry Albright (FWCC Communications)

  1. BYM’s new Quaker World Relations Committee (QWRC)

Ann Floyd

12.00 Three project presentations

  1. Friends of Hlekweni

Lee Taylor

  1. Money for Madagascar

Chris Sewell and Theresa Haine

  1. Hope Project in Uganda

John Lampen

    1. Each will speak for about 10 minutes. There will be time for questions.

12.45 Lunch and an opportunity to look at any information brought

13.45 Discussion topics in groups, after a brief introduction

  1. General points out of the morning’s presentations that I/we will be taking away: what messages came through?
  2. What would you like the new QWRC to do to enhance/facilitate QAIG members’ work in connection with Africa?

14.45 Brief reports from discussion groups

15.15 Next Steps:

Organisational arrangements for QAIG (a small group/committee)

Location and timing of next meeting

15.45 Evaluation

16.00 Tea and depart