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As well as news of yearly gatherings, there are separate pages for the different regions of the African Continent.


Coming Soon:

Report from QAIG Annual Meeting held on Sat 25th January 2020
is due to be published here soon.

Following our very successful Annual Meeting, we will be sharing the report and related presentations which you will find under a new tab titled “2020 Gathering Report” found along the top menu. Please keep coming back to check.


Latest Newsletter (May 2019) from David Bale

Now available. Click this link to view pdf


Quakers in the World Portal (QITW) is a website containing a wealth of information about what Quakers have done and are doing in the world, and why. African Friends have witnessed powerfully for peace and much else: helping to rebuild Rwanda and Burundi, working to eliminate apartheid, reconciling Kenyan communities, helping to enable free and fair elections, and much else. QITW is organised thematically (peace, human rights, education…) by the four FWCC sections (Africa, Europe & Middle East, Asia-West Pacific and the Americas and seeks to bring out common threads around the world and to tell inspiring stories.Portal

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