What is the Quaker Africa Interest Group?

QAIG is a network. It is a Quaker Recognised Body of Britain Yearly Meeting. Our purpose is to facilitate networking with Quakers in Africa and between those interested in or involved in Quaker work in Africa. Members share their initiatives and experiences and discuss cross-cutting issues. This enables us to keep abreast of current work in the continent and learn from each other in order to become more effective in our own work.

How does QAIG operate?

Annual networking meetings 

We have held day-long annual meetings open to all those working with partners in Africa, or former experience in Africa – or just interested.

The programme has normally  included (morning) a round table sharing briefly what we’ve been doing, a focus on two or three organisations having a bit more time to talk about their work, updates from FWCC including Africa Section, QPSW (East Africa programme), Quaker World Relations Committee and Woodbrooke and afternoon on a theme, with discussion groups, followed by a worship sharing plenary and evaluation of the day.

Recent themes :  2020: Why should we continue intervisitation between ourselves and F/friends in Africa, given the climate emergency?

    • 2021 : Fostering the dialogue between African and British Friends 
    • 2022: Climate Justice: what impact from COP 26 for QAIG?

A charities group

This is a smaller group of (some of) the UK Quaker charities/organisations working with partners in Africa to share specific charity related interests which formed in  2019; a WhatsApp group helps connect between meetings.

Faith in Action groups

QAIG has had Special Interest Groups (now called Faith in Action groups) and a presence at the Groups Fair at Britain YM annually; the 2021 group focussed on ‘authentic partnership recognising the context of colonial legacy’.

Shared interests

Many of those involved in QAIG share interests in: education, sustainable small scale agricultural practice, peacebuilding, speaking truth to power, alleviating poverty – grounded in our Quaker beliefs and practices.  QAIG involves Quaker partners in Africa Section. 

The charities group also shares some practical issues: Trustee renewal, good practice, fundraising, communications, safeguarding, planning and assurance, working towards authentic partnerships, whether to travel to visit projects etc.


Friends World Committee for Consultation, which aims to encourage fellowship and understanding among all the branches of the Religious Society of Friends – https://fwcc.world

FWCC Africa Section is one of the four Sections of FWCC.  All those visiting Africa on Quaker work are encouraged to let Bainito Wamalwa, the Clerk, or Hezron Masitsa, the Acting Executive Secretary know about their visit, and to discuss their plans. Quakers worldwide can be found via https://fwcc.world/find/

Britain Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends  https://quaker.org.uk

Contact QAIG

Email: QAIG.uk@gmail.com

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